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8 Ways to Get a Great Cardio Workout at Home

8 Ways to Get a Great Cardio Workout at Home

People often think that cardio workout is something that you can only do outside your home or gym. If you also feel the same, then you should give a second thought to it. Performing a cardio workout at home is more convenient as compared to any other place. It offers comfort, brings out more efficiency, and helps you save the gym fees. Also, a good cardio exercise does not need a lot of space or fancy equipment. So, here we have come up with eight ways to get a great cardio workout at home.

Jump Rope

This cardio exercise offers you physical strength and needs a lot of practice. Though it looks simple, beginners might need some extra guidance to avoid stumbling.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is a cardio exercise that burns around 100 calories in 10 minutes, and for that, you don’t need any special equipment or skill. So you can add a high-intensity blast to your workout session and enjoy its impactful results.

Jog in Place And Walking Up And Downstairs

You can jog at a particular place and can strengthen your upper and lower body. Walking up and down the stairs for at least 20 minutes will increase bone density and reduce heart disease risk. 


Burpees is a killer cardio exercise that would help you burn maximum calories in a short duration of time. Beginners might feel difficulty while doing it as it is challenging. Therefore, you can add breaks of 30-60 seconds in your every 3-4 minutes of this cardio session for great results.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are exercises that would increase your heart rate while building up endurance and core strength. If you want agility and core strength, you can surely add it in your cardio routine.

Squat Jumps

Squat jumps come into the category of plyometric exercise, that increases your heart rate, strengthens legs power, and burns calories. For doing that, all you need is healthy knees, high impact exercise experience, and good shoes.

Bear Crawl Push-Ups

Bear Crawl Push-Ups add up more coordination, and they focus on shoulders, cores, arms back and chest. You can do it in the form of a full-body warm-up.


Kickboxing helps in burning a lot of calories at the correct intensity. It does not require much equipment. Kickboxing not only gives a boost to your self-confidence but also helps in improving balance.


The cardio workout session is a crucial part of your well-being and health. You are not required to spend hours in the gym to keep up the cardiovascular health and lose excessive weight in the whole process. You can start doing an efficient cardio exercise at your home and get the results.

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