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Adam Seger- The Need for Excellent Service in The Hospitality Industry!

Adam Seger- The Need for Excellent Service in The Hospitality Industry!

One needs to serve food and drink to guests in delight in the hospitality industry. Every guest will walk into a bar or a restaurant with the anticipation that they will be served food and drinks with enthusiasm by the waiters, bartenders, chefs, and servers. When the guest enters the restaurant, they should feel warm and welcomed. In this industry, people should feel wanted and valued. This is why the hospitality industry always ensures that people or guests are its top priority and that they are served in the most desirable way.

Adam Seger is a well-known certified culinary professional with an Advanced Sommelier industry accreditation. He has dedicated his whole life to hospitality, beverage, food, and teaching. He is an expert in the hospitality industry and believes that every dining experience aspect should excite customers. 

In his opinion, when waiters present the menu to the guest, they should give good recommendations to the diners. They should explain every item listed on the menu well and make guests look forward to the meal about to be served. 

Inattentiveness often destroys the customer experience 

According to him, any inattentive server or bartender will ruin the whole experience for the customer. He recommends that one be fully present and sincere when they talk about the drinks and the food that is about to be served to the guest. The key objective here is to make the guest feel that the item about to be done on the table is unique. 

Make the diners comfortable and relaxed 

Besides making the diners feel comfortable about the food to be served, waiters and bartenders have the onus to make their guests feel relaxed. The drinks and meal should be exceptional, but at the same time, the ambiance, music, and interiors of the place should sync in with the mood of the guest. It is evident that sometimes there are misunderstandings and emergencies; however, the staff should be calm even if they feel the pressure in such a scenario. They should assure guests that the whole situation is under their control and there is nothing to worry about. 

According to Adam Seger, every meal tastes better when guests are comfortable and relaxed. When guests feel at home, they can enjoy their food and drinks precisely how they relish home-cooked meals. In this industry, all the key senses should be engaged to help guests enjoy the meals they order at a restaurant or bar.

The bar or restaurant team should work together in unity so that customers visiting them get exceptional and consistent services all the time. Communication plays a vital role here. The objective is to resort to service deliverance that makes the guest come back every time. However, even if the guest does not return or not, the staff should ensure that the best service is given to them to remember in the future for a long time. 

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