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Best music videos of all times to make you groove!

Best music videos of all times to make you groove!

MTV and pop culture’s bread and butter have always been because of the music videos. There are many videos that become really popular but there have been huge compromises on the art form.

Here are some of the best music videos that have grooving music, peppy sounds and beats that will make you get up from your seats and dance.

November Rain — Guns N’ Roses

There was a time in 1992, when no other band on this planet was greater than Guns N’ Roses, and which is why they got a $1 million budget for the making of the best video they ever made. As the nature of the song, the video of the song is epic too. The video has the best wedding scenes; it has Stephanie Seymour, shots to the performance, everything in this video is expansive. It’s evocative, powerful, and truly the band’s most accomplished song.

Thriller — Michael Jackson

This is the best music video of all-time. Director John Landis and Michael Jackson created the video off of An American Werewolf. The video was filmed in October (1983) in Los Angeles. This is a 14-minute video which is more like a short movie than a music video. The song has its amount of horror movie homages, giving you creeps. This video was nominated for awards including six VMAs in 1984 and it won three of them.

Weapon of Choice — Fatboy Slim

Walken has put his skills of freestyle dancing through an empty hotel lobby. Jonze did an amazing work for shooting this video perfectly. The performance is so good that you cannot take your eyes off Walken. The video owes its success to Walken’s charismatic performance. You can definitely watch this video on repeat because obviously, Oscar winners are amazing. The video won Grammy for Best Music Video in 2002 and six VMAs in 2001.

Everybody Hurts — REM

If you listen to “Everybody Hurts” then you will know why it is the REM’s best video. After watching the video you will be absolutely gutted.  The video was directed by Jake Scott, and it pays homage to Fellini’s 8 1/2. In 1994, the song has won four VMAs but could not make it to Video of the Year.

Gangnam Style — Psy

We just cannot understand much in the video but everybody believes that this one is a masterpiece. The epic dance moves and peppy music added flavour to the video. This video was shot in 48hrs by Psy and director Cho Soo-Hyun in 2012. The video portrayed a culture we knew nothing about.  The video has amazing energy and it is one of the most viral videos by now. It is an unforgettable number. This video has been viewed more than 3.1 billion times on YouTube.

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