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Building Muscle For Skinny Guys

Building Muscle For Skinny Guys

Building muscle nutrition properly is an extremely important component of any program practiced with the intention of building muscle. No amount of exercise is going to build muscle if your body is not receiving the nutrients required to build those muscles.

This article focuses on several important rules regarding muscle building nutrition plans.

If you’re a skinny guy, you’ll find that muscle building for skinny guys involves creating a plan and setting up a training regime that takes your body type and fast metabolism into account.

You certainly need to eat more in order to store up enough protein and carbs to give your body the available nutrients that it needs to repair and grow muscle.

You have to compete with your metabolism, and give your body enough food that your metabolism can’t burn it up fast enough. This will leave some of it to be used to develop muscle.

  • Eat frequently throughout the day, every two to three hours. This maintains your body in an anabolic mode, keeping your metabolism high and helping you to remain thin.

If you have calculated that you need 3,000 calories each day to build muscle, six 500 calorie meals will be of greater benefit than three 1,000 calorie meals. The larger less frequent meals cause fat accumulation and eventual muscle loss.

  • Focus upon eating lean protein. Muscles will not grow without the most important muscle-building nutrition – protein. Make sure that you eat some lean protein at every meal. After ensuring that you have adequate protein in your meals, supplement that protein with complex carbs, vegetables, and good fats.

A good measure for meeting your protein requirements is to consume one gram of protein each day for each pound of body weight.

  • Eat organically grown foods when available. Organic foods are attractive and healthful because they do not contain the additives and chemicals that are added into most commercially grown foods. This applies not only to vegetables, but to fruits, grains, and meats as well.
  • Don’t discount the importance of vegetables in your nutrition plan for building muscle.

You should eat vegetables at every meal except for breakfast. Vegetables are the source of most of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are required for a healthy body. Vegetables are also known to slow down the rate at which your body absorbs food so that your body accumulates less body fat.

  • Minimize the consumption of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and saturated fats. Sugar and saturated fat are known to be major contributors, over time, too many chronic and serious health problems.

Both are known to lead to inflammation and can aggravate other injuries. Some have reported a reduction in back pain when sugars and saturated fats are removed from their diets. The rule for consuming sugars and saturated fats should be: eat in moderation only.

Try to consume most of your intake of carbs either at breakfast or immediately before and right after your workout. Your body is more efficient at processing the cards during these periods of high insulin sensitivity, which decreases the chances of gaining body fat.

These carbs are critical to any nutrition plan for building muscle. They provide the energy that is burned up in performing your muscle-building exercises.

  • Monitor your salt intake. Sodium is important for your body, but it must be monitored. It shouldn’t be too little or too much. Training in the hot summer weather causes you to sweat a great deal and to lose your body’s sodium.

With inadequate sodium intake, your performance can suffer. Sodium also helps you to maintain your strength when dieting.

  • Drink no less than two quarts of water each day. Being well hydrated is critically important for enabling you to maintain high-performance levels when exercising.

Bodybuilders notice a drop in performance even with a small reduction in water intake. As much as a full gallon a day is beneficial, particularly during the hot summer months.

Understanding and adhering to these rules for building muscle nutrition can be the determinant to your success in reaching your bodybuilding goals of a bigger and leaner body.

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