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Chiropractic care is a regulated, hands-on, patient-centered medical specialty focusing on your spine, muscles, joints, and nervous system. Chiropractors diagnose problems that impair your body’s range of motion using the greatest available scientific data and clinical knowledge. They treat them without drugs or surgery and stop them from recurring. In addition to reducing pain, chiropractic therapy can improve your quality of life and promote health. Here is more about chiropractic care.

Who is a chiropractor?

Doctors of chiropractic, sometimes known as “chiropractors,” are experts in the spine, muscles, joints, and neurological system. Each chiropractor completes seven years of postsecondary academic and clinical training. 

They have received training in assessing, diagnosing, suggesting, and providing a treatment plan that addresses problems with these systems in accordance with your preferences. Along with other subjects, a chiropractor’s education also involves radiography, pain management, therapeutic exercise, and rehabilitation.

Your chiropractor will then collaborate with you to choose the most effective course of action for your pain relief based on the best available research and clinical experience. They’ll also assist in regaining your mobility and preventing it from happening again.

Chiropractic care can manage a variety of ailments, including:

  • Backache
  • A sore neck
  • Strains \Sprains
  • Joint pain brought on by arthritis
  • Sports and work-related injuries

Chiropractic care

Your chiropractor will use their clinical knowledge and the best available evidence to make a diagnosis and provide treatment options for you following a first session to assess your problem. Chiropractic care is the primary treatment for numerous illnesses, including low back pain. 

Chiropractors and other medical specialists advise an interdisciplinary approach for various problems such as pain brought on by osteoporosis, diabetes, or arthritis. Therefore, to assist your overall therapy in these circumstances, your chiropractor will coordinate with other healthcare providers in your circle of care. 

Together, they will offer chiropractic treatment to relieve any joint, muscle, or spine pain you may be experiencing. Depending on each patient’s unique requirements and preferences, chiropractors employ various therapies. Commonly used treatments include:

  • “Hands-on,” manual therapy
  • Therapy for soft tissues
  • Electronic techniques, including cold laser therapy and therapeutic ultrasound
  • Individualized, therapeutic exercise regimens
  • Self-management tactics and tools (like positions for relief or coping strategies for pain)
  • Guidance and advice.

What is manual manipulation in chiropractic care?

Manual manipulation of your spine’s vertebrae or other joints, sometimes known as an “adjustment,” is one of a chiropractor’s most popular therapies. Your chiropractor will apply controlled force to your joint while performing an adjustment by using their hands to move it through a range of motion. This procedure enhances the function of your joint and restores its normal range of motion.

This treatment is referred to as spinal manipulation therapy when used on your spine (SMT). Other joints, such as those in your wrist, ankle, or foot, can also benefit from manipulation as a treatment.


Chiropractic care has a wide range of health benefits. It improves posture and the range of motion in your spine and other joints while reducing pain. It also lessens the symptoms of enduring illnesses like osteoarthritis and treats mild spine or neck injuries, particularly whiplash.

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