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Creating a functional home office space

Creating a functional home office space

Working from home can be full of positives as well as a few negatives. With the daily commute removed and more time available to spend with your family it is no wonder that more and more people are looking at how they can incorporate home working into their careers. For some this has been made necessary as a result of the current pandemic and whilst in some cases this will be temporary, for others it will be a permanent move over to home working.

One of the most important aspects of making home working a success is the set up that you have at home. This doesn’t have to be a dedicated room for an office, although this is of course the best setup you can have, it could simply be an area of a room that is demarcated enough to separate your work and home life.

The furniture that you have in space will of course help to determine how productive you can be and how comfortable you are during the day. It is important to think about your desk as the central piece of this puzzle and you can find Next day delivery office desks  from companies like Bestbuyofficechairs that are suitable for a variety of work types and budgets.

When positioning your desk you should think about what access to natural light that you have in the room and place the desk in an area with good light. This will help to prevent eye strain as you work. Another important element is the chair that you sit on. This should be a chair that is designed for desk working and it should support you back well. The best sitting posture is to have your back supported by the chair, your legs hip width apart, knees at a 90 degree angle to the floor and your feet flat on the floor. This posture helps to distribute your weight evenly across your pelvis and helps to prevent stress and strain from occurring in your legs muscles.

If you are using an area of another room you will want to section this off in one way or another to help minimise the distractions and to help you get into a work mode during the day. For some people this may mean using room dividers around their desk area to create a mini work pod or it could be using screens or curtains of another type. The method that you choose will depend very much on the room you are working in, the type of work that you do and your budget.

Don’t forget to add some personal items to your workspace to help with your creative processes. This could be a favourite quote or image or pictures of your friends and family, again this will all be down to individual tastes and personalities.

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