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Facts about winter in Britain

Facts about winter in Britain

Winter is actually something of a jolly time in Britain. For example it has the high jinks of Christmas and New Years in the middle of it. There is Bonfire Night at the start and we still have Burns Night and Valentines day as well. Yes, the weather might be dull and grey and it might even get a little bit colder. To be on the safe side a Boiler Service Cheltenham area or beyond from is probably a very good idea. What other interesting facts are there about the Winter months in the UK?

  1. Unless you live in the Highlands it won’t get that cold. All of the coldest weather in winter in the UK is recorded in Scotland so it might be a good idea to not go there on holiday between December and February (although you will miss a proper Hogmanay).
  2. The coldest Modern winter on record is that of 1963. Ask anyone over the age of 70 and they will go on and on about the winter of 1963.Two freak weather systems meant that it snowed almost everyday and got very cold. All modern winters are measured against it.
  3. Where does the word winter come from? It’s not actually an English word as its roots lie in the German “wintar”. It came over with the Germanic tribes in the Dark Ages. “Wintar” means “wet season” which is pretty accurate for the UK’s weather at this time of year.
  1. How much water is there actually in snow? It really does vary depending on the type of snow you get. Believe it or not but the old joke about trains stopping for “the wrong type of snow” on the line is founded in some truth. Very wet snow can be extremely slippery and dangerous for trains whereas dry snow, which is powdery and not as sticky is less so,
  2. Dry snow is the best for toggaging down a hillside or sledging but the wet stuff makes better snow men.

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