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Hot and Trendy Sunglasses for Ladies

Hot and Trendy Sunglasses for Ladies

When people see someone with a perfect street style, their eyepieces are usually the first thing they see. The right pair of sunglasses can add swagger and flair to whatever they are wearing. Whether an individual prefers a mid-century classy look or oversize mod, the newest eyewear available on the market can offer unlimited ways to protect their eyes, as well as have fun while they are at it. Here are some themes we spot on fashion enthusiasts with eyes for casting sunglasses in the best possible way.

Oversized frames

Big, oversized eyepieces are in – sunglasses that extend beyond people’s hairline and take up at least a third of the wearer’s face – especially shades with acetate setting with a flat and broad profile with a huge bridge. If you must choose only one oversize profile, go for a black and smoky lens. But we are seeing them in different colors, especially neutrals and pastels. Beyoncé Knowles was recently seen in chunky Lavender eyewear with a cat-eye frame.

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Classic white

Ever since Grace Kelly and Cary Grant sat side-by-side on the French Riviera in the movie “To Catch a Thief, sunglasses with white frames and dark lenses have embodied beachside chic. Celebrities like Betty Draper have worn these shades in the early seasons of Mad Men.

By the 1960s, sunglasses with white frames were getting bolder and bigger. If the 60’s mod is a person’s style, here is a way to get chunky-round settings to look that the iconic Audrey Hepburn loved then. A semi-rimless white frame provides the wearer a cutting edge and more refined sculptural look with pops of colors.

White frames are usually flattering against the skin with golden tones, which is the reason why Beyoncé and Rihanna usually show up in shades with white frames. Rihanna loves dark lenses situated in a skinny white frame, as well as slight cat-eye tilt in the white squares. Beyoncé likes the 60s-mod oval-shaped frames.

Resurgence of Tortoiseshells

The golden spots of classic tortoiseshell look good on people with gold or reddish highlights. But it has been popping up recently in endless variants, from paint-speckled to marble to ivory. The animal print tortoiseshell looks elegant in retro mode, as do the avant-garde greens and purples like Sarasota or Hideout in shiny abalone.

Uni-lens shields

Shades with cutout shields are a look loved by exotic spotlight enthusiasts. Bella Hadid and Cardi B have all were seen in these shades, sometimes with gradient and colorful lenses, sometimes big enough to be mistaken as goggles. It is a bold and trendy look.

Mirror coatings

Green, blue, and orange mirror-coated lenses functional purposes, especially for people who love eyepieces like David Beckham Sunglasses and eyewear with a sporty look. These things can increase depth perception and contrast, among other things. But let us face it, these things look pretty cool.

It takes a fun and youthful spirit to pull Fuchsia-pink mirror coatings that are starting to become a favorite this year. Jennifer Lopez likes mirror lenses situated in oversized frames, aviators with orange lenses, as well as rounded square frames with a purple gradient lens.

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