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Setting Up a Smart Home with Google

Setting Up a Smart Home with Google

Google is our favorite search engine and has been for as long as any of us can remember. It’s got answers to literally anything under the sun. But if you don’t already know this, Google has diversified into the advertisement industry, into software development and recently launched its own products as well ― smart home products. Everything that Google does is a pretty long discussion so let’s just narrow it down to their smart products for now.

Initially, you would have thought that setting up a smart home would require some monetary funds and a lot of restructuring of your home’s existing infrastructure. But guess what? Google’s made that easier by taking the load off your wallet, and you won’t even have to call in a professional to set up anything. Google’s Nest series caters to the smart home category, and these devices pretty much don’t require any sort of installation or extra wiring fixtures – they’re also super easy to configure and set up by yourselves.

Google Devices That Help Set Up a Smarter Home

Here are devices that you can use to instantly turn your home into a smart home, with a network that supports interconnectivity between all the smart devices present under the same roof – including your smartphones and laptops.

1. Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker

Price $49.00

If you don’t already know this, smart devices almost always feature their own mobile applications through which you can access and control the device. But what’s even better than having control over your home lighting or the thermostat from your phone is having voice-enabled control over them.

Connecting smart devices like your smartphones, smart TVs, smart ovens, or even smart lights for that matter means you don’t even have to use your phone in order to do anything. Whether it is switching them on or off, or setting a particular schedule for the devices to follow, all you have to do is stay seated or continue doing whatever it is that you’re doing and say ‘Hey Google’.

The Nest Mini smart speaker featuring the Google Assistant has been rated as one of the best voice assistants by far, cutting close to its rival Amazon’s Alexa. The Nest Mini features 4 soft colors that could fit right into any setting. With rich sound quality, you can play music from your Spotify and YouTube playlists without having to open the apps. And with Voice Match the Nest Mini can list down your personal reminders, any commute times, look up the weather forecast – it can do a lot of these basic things. It’s like having a virtual assistant at home.

2. Google Nest Hub Gen 2 Digital Assistant

Price $99.99

It’s not absolutely necessary, but a Hub in a smart home makes quite a lot of sense. In terms of having centralized control over basically every smart device in your home – from one place, it serves as a sort of control panel for the house.

So what can the Nest Hub do? First off, the device resembles any ordinary tablet, so a 7-inch screen where you can watch YouTube videos, get visual answers from Google search, display a slideshow of photos just to fit into your living room setting. Not just that, the Nest Hub lets you view and control other compatible devices, whether they are Google Nest devices or any other compatible brands. That includes watching the live video feed of your smart cameras, answering the video doorbells, and turning off false alarms to your smart smoke detectors.

3. Google Nest Wi-Fi Router

Price $169.00

In order to actually run a Smart Home, one of the most essential factors is reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. You can’t run a smart home if your internet isn’t seamless or has capacity issues by not being able to support all the connected devices simultaneously. The solution to all this is to get a good internet plan for your home with enough bandwidth, and to get a better router – which in this case is the Nest Wi-Fi Router.

The Nest Wi-Fi router will be your best bet at sustaining a smart home and a smart home lifestyle. It provides seamless network coverage of up to 2200 square feet, supporting multiple devices connected at a time – you basically won’t have to worry about any lag when setting commands for your connected smart devices to follow through with.

But other than seamless connectivity and wide coverage from the Nest Router, which is perfect for a smart home set up, there are some additional features of the Nest Router that you probably wouldn’t find in any ordinary router. For instance, the router settings can be configured from the Google Home app, and through the app you can restrict access to certain devices connected to the router, restrict access to certain kinds of content on selective devices – you know, full parental control of sorts.  

Too Good To Be True?

Of course this seems like an article that’s Team Google all the way, but we wouldn’t have listed down these devices unless they were actually worth the buy.

Head on over to FirstEnergy Home’s website and browse through more specifications of these Google devices. You won’t be disappointed!

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