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The Right Type of Grow Lights for Your Plants

Plants require different types of lights at various stages of growth, and you have to be sure what is suitable. Light and low wavelength lights have distinct roles to play. When buying grow light kits, you have to consider the lighting requirements of your indoor plants. The wrong type of lights can affect the growth of your plants, leaving you with wasted resources. If you are to find the right light for your grow room, find out about the choices that are available for indoor growing.

High-Intensity Discharge Lights

HID grow lights are the most common alternatives for indoor growers. They deliver the brightest light compared to other options on the market. Also called discharge or gas lights, HID lights come in the form of metal halide and HPS. Metal halides let out a bluish light that is ideal for vegetative growth. High-pressure sodium lights have a yellow to red glow. The 600w grow light is one of the most popular picks for commercial farming applications. HID lights are relatively inexpensive but require large fixtures that can cost a pretty sum. You can get both HPS and MH lights, depending on the crops you are growing.

Fluorescent Lights

A small farming project with a limited budget will find fluorescent lights more than adequate. Fluorescent lights are suitable for early vegetative growth. When you need to grow over-winter tender and hardy plants, use fluorescent lights. The lamps come in varying spectral distribution. Daylight and bloom are the most frequently used types. Bloom lights are appropriate for side lighting when growing large flowering plants. Daylight options are designed for vegetative growth, propagation and over-wintering.

Sulphur Plasma Lights

Plasma lighting is the latest technology on the market. It’s relatively new, and the literature about it is scanty. However, the lights are designed to offer more efficiency and power than HID lights. If you have plants that demand incredibly high intensity, then these lights are a good option. Growers should know that plasma lights are extremely pricey with a kit going for several thousand. Therefore, they might be out of budget for small and medium-sized indoor growers. For the same reason, not every online hydroponics supplier stocks them.

LED Lights

If energy efficiency is a concern, LED lights are the way to go. They can last over 50,000 hours. Any indoor grower has heard of LED technology given that it is the most prominent. LED lighting offers options from one end of the spectrum to the other. Before you begin browsing a hydroponics store, find out about the correct wavelength required for your plants. Bedding plants can benefit more from LED than HID lights. Both hobbyists and professional growers will find a use for LED lights. Due to the scattered lighting of LED beams, these lights are more suitable for small-scale projects.

Before you decide to buy a digital ballast 600W light, understand your requirements. Different lights serve specific purposes in a grow room, and a grower should know about the ones that are suitable.

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