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The Use of Acrylic for the Perfect Polished Plastering

The Use of Acrylic for the Perfect Polished Plastering

Acrylic polished plaster is made from acrylic latex. This coating is much easier to apply and very firm in application. The advantage of acrylic is that the surface can be very shiny. The water base allows coloring the plaster in a variety of colors of any intensity. This coating is no less environmentally friendly than the lime equivalent.

There are decorative smooth plasters with the designing effect of cracks

The crack grid is obtained by applying the solution, taking into account the special technology. On top of the plaster, it must be covered with water-based paint to protect the surface from moisture. Cracks are obtained by blowing the composition with a hair dryer and subsequent contact with air. It is possible to emphasize the cracks with the help of the final epilation.

Based on the technique of applying plaster, there are the following types of coating:

  • Classic Traditional multi-layered placement of the material, which includes marble chips, is great for beginners. It is designed for decorating large surfaces of walls or ceilings.
  • Marble cladding requires careful work on the imitation of natural material. Detailing and high-quality precision in placing plaster on a traction surface are highly appreciated. This technology is used for the decoration of individual elements of the interior.
  • Textured plaster is used not only to create the effect of a stone material, but also to imitate a wooden cladding. Skilled craftsmen are able to recreate the skin from such a lining. Working with this type of material is better for the master.
  • The pearly coating is obtained by adding special particles to the mixture of raw materials. The spots reflect the light, creating the appropriate brightness. This material is used to decorate some elements or sections of walls.


Venetian plaster is used to create interiors in various styles. It will be a worthy background space. It is important to bear in mind that the cladding will truly manifest itself only in sufficiently lit conditions, so a Venetian should not be used in dark apartments. The cladding was widely used to create a classic interior, installations in the Empire and polished plastering style.

The interiors are made with particular pomp. Use plaster with imitation of a noble stone, but not monophonic. It is important to choose a strong and durable coating that can withstand long loads.

The main distinguishing feature of the polished plastering is the abundance of stucco and monumental painting. Three-dimensional murals and patterns are mounted on the walls, so that the plaster is not peeled off. You can click here for the best deal there.

When creating an Empire style interior, designers advise to avoid thick stonework. The surface of the walls must be absolutely smooth with a slight sheen. Plenty of mirrors are welcome, so plaster is best to choose matte. As in polished plastering, the Empire style cannot be imagined without plastering the walls, so the wall covering must have the appropriate properties.


The classic finish of the room means the absence of unnecessary details. The walls are finished with patterned plaster. Installing such a coating requires a lot of time and appropriate skills. The patterns can be replaced by a monochromatic surface with an imitation of natural stone. The plaster must have a natural base and look natural. The advantage should be given to light colored coatings: beige or dairy.

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