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Top 5 Benefits of Using a Polythene Shrink Film in Different Industries

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Polythene Shrink Film in Different Industries

Different industries are today using shrink wrapping; from car parts to paper products, printed materials to packaged foods, and houseware to hardware.

A polythene shrink film is a film that a person can easily wrap around any item, regardless of its size or shape. Once wrapped, heat then gets applied to its surface causing the plastic film to start shrinking.

As the film continues to shrink, it slowly begins to follow the shape of the object that you have wrapped, and in the end, helps seal itself.

You can use different methods to shrink wrap. For instance, smaller items can get placed in smaller shrink wrap bags before applying heat using a handheld heat gun.

Why Is the Polyolefin Shrinkwrap Film Used?

1. Printed Materials

The largest market segment for this product is the shrink wrapping of printed materials. Initially, the industry was heavily dominated by PVC films, but the inception of these films has led to market changes.

Some of the businesses that are in this line of work are producers of office supplies and small shop job printers. Today, many manufacturers don’t need to outsource these tasks as they can easily execute them within the confines of their current facilities.

2. Packaged Foods

Common applications in this industry include frozen foods, ice cream, and frozen pizza. At the moment, the prevailing trend involved multi-packing products that are to be sold at club stores and big-box retailers.

By using shrink film, the food packagers get to enjoy benefits such as prolonged shelf life, enhanced visual appeal, tamper evidence, and prevention of freezer burn.

3. Houseware and Hardware

Houseware and hardware is a big category comprising of a broad range of products that must be shrink-wrapped. From plastic bowls to tools, shrink wrapping helps to fulfill the function that was once reserved for blister packaging and corrugated packaging.

4. Sporting Goods, Games, and Toys

Here, the shrink film is used to guarantee tamper-resistant product integrity. It also provides the client with a much-needed visual appeal. Games, puzzles, and plastic models all get to benefit from the refuge offered by the film.

5. Pharmaceuticals

Shrinkwrapping in the pharmaceuticals industry has grown by a big margin in the last few years, after being spurred by the need for tamper-evidence and security. The films provide a cheaper alternative to processes such as the use of PVC shrink bands. Using shrink also ensures that the pharmaceuticals get to spend less via the use of multi-packing with this film as opposed to using other packaging alternatives.


As seen above, shrink film has uses in many industries. The shrink wrapping process is also quite easy in that it only requires the use of a plastic wrap and the application of a good heat source. With the right wrap, you can tamperproof, weatherproof, and waterproof any product you want.

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