Sunday, 25 Feb 2024

When your desk is too Brobdinagian

Do you like your desk? Does it do it for you? Is it a little nondescript for example, is it lacking in drawers and workspace. Would you like one with more impact and gravitas? Most of these issues can be solved as Best Buy office chairs provide next day delivery on office desks so you can have a new one straight away. Next day delivery office desks are a modern convenience but they were less than convenient to Sheldon Cooper in a famous episode of the hit TV sitcom The Big Bang theory when his friend and sometime colleague Raj Koothrapauli decide to get his own.

Raj was faced with the prospect of a return to India unless he can find a job. Sheldon steps in to ask him to work “for me, not with me”, and Raj, with little other choice, agrees. While they might get on as friends they disagree strongly on the application of science and the two are soon arguing over various points of theory. Matters come to a head when Raj moans that he wants a desk. Sheldon says he can only have one if he buys his own. Raj says thank you and duly does.

When Sheldon returns to his office he finds Raj sitting at a huge cherry wood executive desk which takes up the majority of the room. Sheldon demands to know who it got there to which Raj famously replies “That is for me, Ramon, Jose and Hijseu to know and for you to find out”. Sheldon claims it is not fit for purpose to which Raj responds that as its intention was to annoy Sheldon it is actually “spot on”.

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