Thursday, 23 May 2024

Benefits of Using AIS 140 Certified GPS Device in Your Vehicle

The Automotive Industry Standard no. 140, commonly known as the AIS 140, has become a much talked about topic amongst public transport owners and drivers. The AIS 140 standard is a prerequisite that has been mandated for all public transport vehicles since 1st January 2018. It has been published by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) so that Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) can be implemented in the Indian road transportation scenario.

An ITS is an application that is used to manage traffic and optimize the usage of different modes of transport with regard to safety, comfort, quality and efficacy. The implementation of ITS will bring in innovative solutions to tackle the worst traffic situations.

To be AIS 140 certified, a vehicle must be fitted with AIS 140 approved devices. And this device must have the following specifications:

  • The device must have a GPS tracking system
  • An embedded SIM card
  • The device must be able to transmit data to two different IP addresses. One to listed emergency contact and the other to the emergency services.
  • Should be connected to at least one emergency/panic button.
  • The device must be able to transmit data related to the vehicles movements and performance.
  • A minimum battery backup of 4 hours.
  • The device must support Over-the-air data transmission.
  • Water, dust and tamper proof.

The AIS 140 approved GPS tracking devices have become a new buzz in the Indian transportation scenario. Testimonials from public vehicle owners suggest a significant surge in the demand for these devices.

The AIS 140 mandate has encouraged many companies to create efficient ITS supporting devices. Many such business owners who owned vehicles registered before the mandate have been able to sustain their business with the help of these devices.

These smart devices have also helped many large scale businesses. More and more truck owners who use the AIS 140 certified devices are talking about how the mandate is helping their businesses in the long run. This technology has revolutionized large scale transport companies and contributed directly in the country’s economic growth.

The ITS that is supported by these devices not only helps the owners of these vehicles, but they also help the drivers.

One such testimonial from a business owner, Amandeep Singh, sheds light on the benefits of AIS 140 compliant devices. He owns a logistics company that has been spread out across India and has more than 700 trucks that carry both perishable and non-perishable goods. He says, “It has changed my company’s management structure completely. Our business is a logistics business and our trucks in India carry all sorts of products from tomatoes to medicines. We try to keep good dealings with our clients, so we try to make sure that our trucks deliver the consignment on time. It used to be a very challenging job to manage the movements of the vehicles before we used the ITS devices. Now I can track my trucks through GPS, and can even track the rendition of the trucks. This has helped our company to recognize patterns in our travel routines through which we could maximize the efficiency of our vehicles. These devices also keep a backup of the travel details when there is no internet connection. This helps me keep my clients informed of any delay that could occur. Now our management is effortlessly done through digital means.

The AIS 140 mandate has provided safety to many such long haul drivers across the country. These are a few testaments that tell us why everyone is talking about AIS 140. This standard has the capability to make the Indian roadways the safest and most efficient means of road transportation in the world.

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