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The system that holds us upright and gives structure and shape

We are all aware of what our bodies are made up of. Muscles, tissues, blood flowing through blood vessels and nerves are what makes our body what it is. Internal organs follow a set of signals or instructions to the t and we work perfectly. However, all of this has an inner core which gives us the shape and structure that is seen outwardly. Yes, you got that right. It is our skeleton. A bag of bones, as referred to as jokingly sometimes, this intricate structure of bones make up our body structure. It gives the shape, though it is later determined more by the flesh we put on it by gaining weight by our food habits etc. Our bones are usually of a hardy stature but are affected often genetically or just naturally, due to age. A deficiency of calcium deposit on bones tends to give rise to the most common disease that is known as – Arthritis. It gives rise to swellings and pain in the joints of our body and can be really painful for some if not treated properly.

The usual ways of treatment

One generally tends to ignore such pains and aches until they become really bothersome. Once it reaches a dangerous level, the doctor is referred to or asked help from. And then comes the picture, which is not often very nice. Either the part of the body in question has to be replaced or the treatment is a lengthy and risky one like an operation, with no foolproof guaranty insight.

The natural healing ways of Ayurveda

Arthritis can be deadly if not treated rightly. First of all, there are different types of this disease. It may be rheumatoid arthritis or gout or plain arthritis, inflammation of the joints. The joints swell up, may even become stiff and hard to move. Pain is obviously felt in areas surrounding a joint and throughout that joint. We can try various external applications like creams and oils which claim to take away the pain. Actually, they suppress it for some time and it resurfaces once the effect wears off. We can try for a permanent cure for arthritis in Ayurveda, which focuses on going to the root of the issue.

The different methods of application

Medicine needs to be applied to the location pf the problem. For this reason, some medicines are taken internally while some are applied topically, at the place of the problem. Ayurvedic medicines are applied in consultation with doctors to get to the root of the problem and provide relief to the patient at the earliest, if not immediately. Painkillers ultimately affect our digestive system and are harmful in the long run.

The benefits of applying ayurvedic treatment

The resource that nature has in store for us is immense. This is the realm of arthritis ayurvedic medicines that tend to treat the disease in a safe way. What it mainly focuses is on treating the inflammation so that the pain subsides on its own.

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