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Know More about Toto 4D Info, Predictions and Results

Know More about Toto 4D Info, Predictions and Results

Sports Toto Malaysia is an authorized lottery operator in Malaysia. The Toto 4d is one of the portfolios, which is a digit game or which is similar to numeric lotteries. Since the past 5-decades, it has been a popular game for Malaysians. There are many common people, who are now a milliner due to 4D jackpot 1st prize-winning. There are also others, who have improved their living standards due to other prize tiers winning. If you are new to this game, this article will help you to know about this game, prediction, and results. It is advisable to try your luck by spending a few Ringgits.

About 4D Toto

The game player has to select 2-sets of 4-digit numbers ranging from 0000 to 9999. It will cost 2 Ringgits as of now. The players can also buy from I-System. Here, the chances of winning are more. One can buy 10 sets of 4D Toto by spending 20-Ringgits. Here, a player can buy up to 20-sets by maximum spending of 960-Ringgits. Hence, the chances of winning the odds are more.

Toto 4D Prizes


  • There are 2-jackpot prizes in 4D Toto. The 1st prize is given to the one, who has 2-sets matching the jackpot prize. It is worth 2-million RM
  • The 2nd jackpot prize is worth 1, 00, 00 RM. For this, your 2-sets must three of the prizes numbers.
  • The 3rd prize is given to 1-set matching any of the 3-prizes declared. It is worth 168 RM.
  • The 4th prize goes to 1-set of 4D numbers matching with the special prize numbers. It is worth 68 RM.
  • The 5th prize goes to 1-set of 4D matching consolation prizes.

Here, the 2nd Jackpot winner will get the 1st jackpot prize, if there is no one to claim that prize. Therefore, the 2nd Jackpot winner prize amount is unbelievable. In case, there is more than one winner for the jackpot prizes. The prize amount will be distributed equally by dividing the total prize money with the number of winners. He or she must claim their prize money within 180-days of prize declaration by Sports Toto Malaysia. You can claim the amount from any of the authorized dealers of Sports Toto Malaysia.

Is there any tax on Toto 4D?

As of now, there is no tax levied on any of the digit games in Malaysia. Either, the jackpot winners and others will get the exact prize amount.

Toto 4D Predictions

4D past result analysis is possible to do from online lottery information websites. Here, you can find the below-mentioned features.

  • Toto 4D result-history
  • Toto 4D lucky number or the frequent winning number

The Toto 4D lucky number generator is the best for anyone new to Malaysian lotteries. To do prediction, you must be good at numbers.

Toto 4D Results

Sports Toto Malaysia declares the results. Busy people can check them online through trusted lotto channels. Here, you can check the past results too.

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