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How to Build an Effective CV?

How to Build an Effective CV?

Do you want to build a CV that will allow you to land a job interview? The tips that you will find in this article will definitely help you achieve this goal. Your curriculum vitae is the first document the recruiter will see. It means that it is likely to define what they think of you, hence the importance of developing it carefully. Here are our tips!

Highlight your Skills and Experiences

It is important to highlight your main skills and experiences when you create a CV online or on a word processing software. If you have a large number of professional experiences, consider focusing on the most recent and those having the most ties to the position sought. Think about the skills that the recruiter would be likely to look for the position, and try to transcribe them in the different sections of your curriculum vitae. Remember that recruiters receive hundreds of resumes. It means that they will only spend about ten minutes to read yours. So, make sure to showcase essential information. The more you make the recruiter’s work easier, the more they will be grateful to you. Also make sure to to adapt your resume to each job you apply for.

Have a Unique CV

Your CV must stand out from others, both in its design and in its content. The best way to do so is to choose a CV template on a reliable CV generator. Having an original Curriculum Vitae will allow you to grab the recruiter’s attention and showcase its content. Any good CV should be unique and representative of the personality of its owner. You can add links to your personal blog, a QR code to a video or to your portfolio. It can be a way to differentiate yourself from other candidates. So do not hesitate to use your CV to add those elements that can make a difference.

Accept Criticism while Making a CV

Do not hesitate to show your resume to several people (friends, parents, family …) in order to collect their criticisms. That will help you improve the resume. In particular, they will be able to check that you have not made any spelling or syntax errors on your CV. In addition, the indication of your level in language (Spanish, English …), IT (Word, Excel, Photoshop …), and so on will allow the recruiter to have better visibility on your skills. These elements can mark the difference compared to other candidates.

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