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what is a contract administrator?

what is a contract administrator?

Contract administrator plays a major role in a construction project. The role of a good contract administrator is more than the requirements. The basic thing is, they manage the entire construction contract between building contractor and employer. Contract administrators are important when a contract starts with the sign of both parties and continues throughout the project, until its end.

The task of the contract administrator generally carried out by the project head or the architect. But the role can be changed as per the complexity and size of the project.

Roles define of a contract administrator:

If you are looking for the answer that what is a contract administrator? You will get a bigger answer. They are usually the head of the contract and responsible to administrate all the terms of the contract stated between two parties of a building project. Their responsibility is huge and they need to have high-end responsibility and accountability to do the job. Their job is related to day by responsibilities. The importance of the professionals comes with day-by-day responsibilities. It may vary also in its type, complexities and type and also the overall requirements.

Basic skills of a contract administrator

  • They need to have the right skills and knowledge that may apply to solve different contractual provisions and various obligations
  • They should have decision-making capabilities in an impartial, fair and independent manner
  • They should have the capability to work with different personnel and professional of the organization for which they are working
  • If you are looking for what is a contract administrator? Then you need to keep in mind that they need to have all the working knowledge and excellent level of experience working in the construction field and the related industries.
  • They should have the skill to keep the right record of the related building contract and all the other tasks involved with it
  • They need to have skill so that they can co-ordinate different actions with all the legal teams and internal procurement of the project
  • Making report about the existing status of the project or the contract process and reporting that to the management
  • They need to have patience and a cool mind to resolve the existing contract processes and need to report them regularly to the management
  • They are responsible to resolve any type of conflicts or if there is any dispute occur in the contract procedure or the written contract
  • A contract administrator is responsible to follow up the process to ensure that the related contractual agreements are properly actioned and the payments are on time
  • They will have to analyze the potential risks that may occur due to a change in the contract and can be harmful to the organization

The job of a contract administrator may start as the building contract is signed between two different parties, the contractor and employer and even in some cases, they need to perform all the pre-contract jobs or services. But throughout the project, they are responsible for every minute details and their job may vary as the contract.

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