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CBD and THC Both have Medicinal Properties but Different After Effects

CBD and THC Both have Medicinal Properties but Different After Effects

CBD is an effective product that provides medical benefits to people. Problems like PTSD, anxiety, after-effects of chemo therapy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, depression, epilepsy, etc. can be treated with CBD. CBD is mined from hemp plant which is from the marijuana cluster. Many people consider it as one of the drugs that is illegally available in the market. However, FDA has approved its availability in the market and therefore many stores provide it.

There are stores that claim to provide authentic CBD products, but it’s difficult to prove it. Therefore, it is necessary to buy from CBD store that is certified. JustCBD is also a certified and legally approved store. They have been in this industry since 2017 and ever since all their products are lab tested before selling. Apart from store they have an online site that ships CBD products to different cities as well. Any kind of product that you’re looking that contains CBD, their brand provides them.

CBD is used to aid with medical problems. However, some people are reluctant because they feel it holds THC which is a hallucinogenic ingredient. Cannabinoids interact with endocannabinoid available in human body. It helps in maintaining a balance in our mind and body. Those who take CBD products often are found calm and relaxed.

Instead, THC is responsible for psychoactive effects in the plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the one that is illegal in US market and not Cannabinoid. There are products that have 99 percent of CBD and no THC. These goods are called CBD Isolate. They are surely safe as they contain unadulterated form of CBD in it without any traces of THC.

Here are some differences between CBD plus THC –


  • THC can keep you slight high after consuming with CBD. This means it intoxicates and hallucinate you.
  • CBD alone has no such effect and hence, you can use it any time of the day as long as it isn’t mixed with THC. You will still be able to do your daily activities smoothly.

Health Benefits

Both of them help in reducing pain, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, insomnia, and neuro-protective.

  • CBD can also help with anxiety, seizures, and depression.
  • THC will help with increased appetite, and reducing eye pressure due to glaucoma.

Side Effects

  • CBD is declared by WHO as safe product, but it can also cause side effects like dry mouth, tiredness, and diarrhea if you take high dosage.
  • THC has psychoactive effects which may include red eye, increased heart rate, slow reaction time, anxiety, memory loss, paranoia, etc.

There are many types of products available in market that contains THC or CBD alone or a composition of it. You can take CBD Isolate to keep your body calm and relaxed while doing your daily works. Or, you can think of taking THC Isolate to stay high all day long. When you combine both product and other Cannabis component the effect is great.

THC as well as CBD are both found in the cannabis plant. They both help in many ways. It is up to you how you would like to consume and which matters the most. The only major difference between two is their intoxication level, which is high in THC. However, to get an entourage effect you should blend both compounds.

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